Gadgetron HelpDesk Message

Gadgetron HelpDesk also known as HelpDesk Technology was a free online service created by Gadgetron to help clients through technological problems. Gadgetron HelpDesk also informed their clients on new or newly modified weapons or gadgets, as well as upcoming missions or interplanetary travelling locations or newly satisfied mssions.

The voice behind the Gadgetron HelpDesk was the HelpDesk girl, voiced by Mona Marshall. She had a low, slow robotic voice, yet soft to the ear. Ratchet expecting her to be attractive, the finding her to be a robot, Clank then took interest in her.


Ratchet (and presumably Clank) are clients number 91802. This is said during Up Your Arsenal and Tools of Destruction.

Nav Communicator

Ratchet has a communicator attatched to his glove.There he can summon Gadgetron's help, or navigational help.