Consalas Ship (Consolas Ship)


Consalas Ship




Kyzil Plateau, Veldin, Solana

Current Status





Robotic Iginition System



The Consalas Ship was a ship created by Ratchet from Blargian Scrap on planet Veldin, Kyzil Plateau in his own garage using the Gadgetron OmniWrench 8000.

The ship needed a robotic ignition system in order for it to ignite. The first ever robotic ignition system was XJ-0461 also known as Clank.

Ratchet created this ship in order to escape his home planet and travel throughout the galaxy, but when Clank persuaded Ratchet to saving the galaxy this is what he used it for.

Ratchet promptly crashed this ship when landing on Novalis, and was forced to find a new one, which he got for free from the Chairman of Novalis named the Courier Ship.

This ship was not armed at all in fact. As the Gadgetron system policies banned any weapons to be created on a home-made customized ship.

Weapons and abilities

This ship had no devices, weapons, gadgets, items or special abilities except for space-traversing.


When Ratchet grew 15, he began to wonder about what was outside of his world. When his watchovers banned him from using any spacecraft to explore the outer world, Ratchet moved out and built his own garage at the Kyzil Plateau. He then began to collect pieces of scrap laying dormant around his yard. He then used his omniwrench (which he had since he was sent to Veldin), and put together a Consolas Model Ship and changed the name to Consalas instead of Consolas.


  • "Consalas" derives from the term "Consolas", which is actually an available font on any works word pad.
  • Ratchet's new ship, the Courier Ship, also contains the name of a font "Courier".
  • This was a real homemade job held together with chew'd gum and rubber-bands. (According to Insomniac).