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Clank&#039;s Mother





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Clank's mother was a small computer located in the Solana Galaxy on planet Quartu on a nearby roboplant. She [or "it"] controlled the size and quantity of Drek's Sentry Bots, which were a line of big powerful XP unit robots.

When this computer was navigating the sentry bots through the conveyer belt it accidently created Clank, which was known to be a malfunction. Clank was then seized by other sentrybots. It is possible that this computer had inceptions for Clank's birth but wanted to wait unitl the time was right, so that Clank could save the world from Drek's and the Blarg's plans to destroy the planets of the galaxies.

Clank returned to the factory with Ratchet, and had his first appropriate meeting with his mother. She informed him with the use of an infobot that Drek planned to destroy Veldin with the use of the Deplanetizer. Ratchet and Clank being enraged, stormed off to confront Drek, and Clank promised to make his mother proud. It is unknown of what happened to Clank's mother after Drek's defeat.