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An ammo crate on top of four bolt crates.

Bolt crates]] are wooden crates found in piles and in stacks containing bolts. There were several different types of bolts, springs, nuts, gears and screws, all worth a different amount averaging from 1-50.


Original DesignEdit

Originally they were plain, wooden oak crates, which seemed to be sharper sounding when broken. These crates also were stacked neater than the later crates.

Design ChangeEdit

In the Ratchet & Clank Future series they changed to a darker wood with a hard plastic maroon trimming. They also sounding crisper when broken, and were easy to knock over.

Other Crates containing boltsEdit

Jackpot PowerupEdit

Some of the jackpot crates contained the powerup along with about 50 other bolts. However, that did not appear in the earlier games.

Explosive CratesEdit

In the future series, these did not only explode but also contained bolts.

Massive CratesEdit

Massive Crates contained a variety of items including ammo, nanotech and bolts.